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Manitoba Senior Hockey League

CONSTITUTION (last updated Aug. 2012)



That the name of the organization shall be the Manitoba Senior Hockey League and referred hereafter as the MSHL.



1) To provide an opportunity for hockey players in the North Eastman and South Interlake regions to play in a top flight senior league within a reasonable travel distance as determined by the league executive - approximately 1.5 hours unless otherwise specified.

2) To maintain and increase an interest in senior hockey for both players and hockey fans.

3) To co-operate with and support the ideals of Hockey Manitoba and adhere to the regulations of Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Canada.



1) The executive of the MSHL shall consist of a president, secretary-treasurer, statistician and referee-in-chief with representation from each hockey club.

2) That each team will send at least one representative for the purpose of attending league meetings.

3) That the league governing body has the responsibility of passing and approving the playing rules for the season. The enforcement of these rules will be handled by the league executive and/or an appropriate suspension board.



1) The annual meeting of the league shall be held no later than September 30, with a semi-annual meeting in April to review the past season and other matters of importance to the members of the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­MSHL.

a) league expansion will be discussed prior to the September 30 meeting.

b) amendments or alterations to the constitution may only be carried out provided a majority of membership is present at the meeting, a majority vote has been cast and that a Notice of Motion has been circulated to the membership at least 15 days prior to the meeting.

2) All teams shall have only one vote pertaining to league matters.

a) the governing body of the  MSHL shall consist of a board of directors made up of one voting member of each of the teams in good standing.

b) the governing body shall have the responsibility of passing and approving the playing rules and league regulations for each season.

c) the governing body shall have the responsibility of appointing personnel by way of a majority vote at the annual meeting. 



1) Members of the MSHL - Beausejour Beavers, Lac du Bonnet Blues, Gimli Wolves, Sagkeeng Braves Lakeside Phantoms and Stonewall Flyers.

!a) Sagkeeng Braves have taken a leave of absence for the 2015-16 season.

2) All teams must post a performance bond of $500 with the MSHL and all league fees are to be prepaid as dictated by the governing body.

3) All league fees must be paid before any team can play in the first league game.

4) Should a team or a player be levied a fine, those fines must be paid within 14 days of the infraction. Failure to do this will result in the $ amount of the fine being added to the original fine and doing so every 14 days the fine is not paid. The time frame starts when the referee-in-chief e-mails the fine information out. 

5) Any team folding during season play forfeits their league bond. All games played by

the said team are nullified from league points and standings. Unforeseen tragedies are to be dealt with by the league executive.


a) Teams applying to join the MSHL must receive a unanimous vote.

b) The MSHL reserves the right to disallow any team from joining the league without giving a formal reason for the decision.



The MSHL will be affiliated with Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Canada.



1) The annual fees for the MSHL will be no less than $500.

a) Entry fees for new teams coming in will be a one time $500 league entrance fee on top of their performance bond and league fees.

b) Fees can be altered at the annual fall meeting.

2) That each team will deposit a performance bond with the league. Said bond will remain with the league as long as the team is a bona fide member of the MSHL.

3) That any team not having representation at any meetings of the MSHL will be assessed a fine of $100, unless waived by the league membership by a motion.

a) teams not represented at the semi-annual or annual meeting will be assessed a fine of $500, unless waived by the league membership by a motion. 

4) That any team losing its performance bond or portion thereof must bring the bond up

to its assessed level prior to their commencement of play in the MSHL.



1) All referees are to be current registered officials of the CAHA.

2) All referees are to be appointed by the referee-in-chief.

3) That the position of referee-in-chief be advertised for at least two weeks prior to the annual meeting so that this selection can be made at this time.

a) If, at the meeting in April the league approaches the present referee-in-chief to continue in that position for the next year and he accepts, the advertisement will not be required.

4) All referee fees are to be paid to the referees by the home team after the completion of the second period of the game.

5) Referee-in-chief is to be informed of any league rulings and distribute them to his

referee staff prior to the start of the season. .




1) It is the responsibility of all teams to present their available ice times as well as game times at the annual meeting for the purpose of drawing up a schedule.

2) a) Once the league schedule is made, changes to the schedule can only be made with agreement between teams involved along with notification to the league president (who will notify the referee-in-chief and and statistician).

 b) 24 hours before your team's first league game you must have your roster in to the league, failure to do so will result in a $200 fine.

3) Any cancelled game must be rescheduled and played within the league termination

date. When a rescheduled game is to be played, the league president, referee-in-chief and statistician must be notified at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of said game.

a) postponed games must be rescheduled within 7 days. They do not have to be

played right away, just rescheduled.

4) The home team will be responsible for determining the location of their home games.

However, if a home game is to be played away from the home base, the opposing team, league president and referee-in-chief must approve the move.

5) The home team shall be responsible to call the score to the statistician within 1hour

after the completion of the game. The game sheet shall be faxed to the statistician

and referee in chief as soon as possible but no later then Monday noon. Failure to

do so will result in a $50 fine for each occurrence.

a) The home team shall be responsible for the top copy of the game report, which shall be mailed to the referee in chief ordesignated person as soon as possible.

Failure to comply with this rule will result in a $50 fine for each occurrence. .

6) All game sheets must be printed with the players full name and name and number as

well as import and non-import designation.

7) Running time in games when one team leads by 10 or more goals in the third period.

8) a) Teams that forfeit a game will be assessed a fine of $800 payable to the league. This fine will cover the cost of the refs and the remainder of the fine will go to cover expenses of the opposing team. This does not include a postponed game.

b) The forfeited team will lose the game by a score of 1-0 and the non-forfeited team will receive 2 points.

9 During the regular season if a game is tied at the end of regulation time, the game will go into overtime, 5 minutes of 4 on 4. If the game is still tied, the teams will declare 3 shooters for a shoot-out. If the game is still tied each team will continue with shooters until one team wins. No player will shoot twice unless the full team roster has shot. The winning team will receive 2 points for the win and the losing team shall receive 1 point for the shoot-out loss. 




1) That all players playing in the MSHL be signed to a current Hockey Manitoba players roster and be insured with Hockey Manitoba, prior to playing any game.

2) Prior to the start of any league play each team must submit their signed Hockey

Manitoba player roster. This roster can be added to or deleted from up until the January 10 deadline of the current playing season. .

3) Players released by January 10 can be signed by February 10.

4) That all teams receive 35 players cards plus 5 management cards at the start of each season.

5) Prior to the start of the playoffs, all teams must submit a 25-man roster – the roster will include registered and minor affiliated players APing in the playoffs.

a) a typed copy of such with the players name, address, phone number and any team affiliation must be presented to the league statistician.

b) this list will be provided to the rest of the teams. It is up to them to look over these rosters.

c) if there are to be any concerns, they will be dealt with at a meeting held prior to the start of the playoffs. After this meeting, there will be no room for protests regarding the eligibility of any players on these rosters.

d) If the Hockey Manitoba signing deadline comes later than this meeting additions to the final roster must be approved by the league executive.

6) Any player who signs two or more player's cards in one season without obtaining his release will be suspended from further play in the MSHL for the remainder of the season.

a) The team involved with this said player will forfeit all points obtained by using the said player. Only once the said player is approved by the executive can this player be played in regular league play or playoff play.

7) The onus is on every team to ensure that all players playing on each team has signed only one player's card. Violation of this regulation will subject the team to a $200 fine, doubling for each additional offence and points lost.

8) Teams are to wear white at home and dark uniforms away - unless agreed upon by both teams.

9) a) Each team in the MSHL is allowed to sign 5 commuters or IMPORTS *.

* IMPORT is defined as a player living in a city in Manitoba (Winnipeg or

Brandon) who played their minor hockey in the city, lives in the city and now plays senior hockey with a rural team.

b) a Manitoba Health card, driver's licence and a tenant agreement must be presented to the league if the players residency is in question.

10) At no time will a signed Manitoba Junior A player be allowed to play in the MSHL.

a) Teams may use affiliate non-import players from MMJHL, Junior B and C ranks - a maximum of five players per game.

b) affiliate player must play with their closest home senior team unless released by their home team.

11) A team showing up to play with less than 8 skaters (goalies not included) will be assessed a $200 fine.



1) A player who plays hockey for his home town where said player has left to work or further his education.

2) A player who played their minor hockey in rural Manitoba and now resides in Winnipeg to work or further his education.

3) Goaltenders are exempt from import/non-import designation.




1) That all suspensions be dealt with by the league executive and/or an appropriate suspension board (executive members of three teams not involved in the incident).

a) if the referee in chief is the game official during said altercation, he cannot be part of the suspension/appeal decision.

b) Additional disciplinary action can be warranted depending on circumstances (as perceived by the league executive and/or an appropriate suspension board).

2) That game misconducts in the final 10 minutes of a game and match penalties will be dealt with according to Hockey Manitoba.

a) An instigator or aggressor penalty in the final 10 minutes results in an additional 1 game suspension.

3) In regular season play, any player with total penalty minutes of 100 will receive one game suspension, as well as two additional game suspensions for each 25 minutes of consecutive penalties. These suspensions will be served in the following regularly scheduled or playoff scheduled game.

4) Players that leave the bench to enter a fight will be assessed a minimum of a 3 game suspension. These suspensions will double for each subsequent offence in the same year (including playoffs).

5) Verbal abuse of an official will result in a $50 fine for each offence. Two such offences will result in a one game suspension. A third incident will result in a two-game suspension and disciplinary action.


a) automatic one game suspension

b) additional disciplinary action can be warranted depending on circumstances (as perceived by the league executive and/or an appropriate suspension board)

b) HTH in final 10 mins of game – additional game (in combination with HockeyMB ‘major penalty’ rule).



1) Appeals Procedure

a) Any appeals shall be submitted to the league (fax/e-mail) no later than 48 hours from the notification of a ruling on any protests, suspensions or other league related issues.

b) An appeal fee of $200 shall be taken from the teams bond and the team is to replenish this bond within one week after the fee is taken. The fee shall be refunded to the team or individual in the event that the ruling is in their favour.

c) An appeal hearing will be scheduled (in person or by teleconference) no later than 7 days from the receipt of the written notice of appeal.

d) Any decision by the Appeals Committee is binding upon all parties and without right of further appeal.

2) Appeals Committee

a) The Appeals Committee will be composed of league president and/or one member of a minimum of three teams not involved in the circumstances causing the original protest.

b) A majority of the eligible voters at the appeal hearing shall be deemed as the final decision.



1) The following formula will be used to determine the standings due to ties:

a) The team with the most wins in league play.

b) The team winning the most points in games played between the tied teams (head to head).

c) The team with the best ratio of goals for versus goals against

2) In case of injury to a goaltender, the incoming goalie receives a warm-up.

3) All other rules governing MSHL play shall be those of the Hockey Canada and

Hockey Manitoba rule books (curves allowed).



1) The post league playoff structure shall be determined at the annual or semi-annual

(fall) meeting.

2) Player eligibility for playoffs - all players (imports included) must have played in at

least 25% of the regular season games - with the same team - to be eligible for post season play.

3) The length of each series is to be determined at the annual (fall) meeting.

4) Playoff dates for each series will be established by the teams involved prior to the start of each series. The league executive and referee-in-chief will be so advised.



Any team combining with another team/community to form one team must include game locations and must have league approval.



The following will be compensated or reimbursed:

a) Treasurer - $100 plus expenses incurred doing league business

b) Statistician -- $600 flat rate

c) Referee-in-Chief -- $1,200 flat rate

d) President - $800 flat rate.

e) All league executive will get season tickets.



The integrity of the league must be maintained at all times. Charter members must be

held accountable for actions deemed detrimental to the league. Teams must show

respect for the other teams in the league. Having received written complaints by 75%

of the teams in the league regarding the actions or lack thereof by a specific charter

member, the league executive will initiate a hearing process. The written complaints

must document all incidents pertinent to this complaint. The president will approach

all charter members with the names of three (3) independent people to sit on the

review committee. Once these three (3) people have been agreed upon, they will then

meet with the president to review all documentation. A meeting with said team will

be held to hear their side before any action is taken. This action may be a written

warning, placing the said team on immediate probation for the remainder of the

season including playoffs, placing the said team on probation for the next season, a fine and/or some type of suspension. If a fine is deemed necessary, the amount will be assessed on an individual basis. A $25 fee must be submitted to the league by each charter member lodging the complaint. This will go to paying the travel expenses, etc. for the review committee. Monies not spent will remain in the league general account.